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The Updates of Facebook That Are Worth Knowing

No social media makes consistent changes like Facebook does. Facebook keeps on introducing latest features to make the user experience remarkable in all senses.

At times, it becomes difficult for users to keep up with the updates of Facebook or know what’s new in the box of this social network site.
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Customization of the News Feed

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The News Feed on Facebook can seem to be overwhelming at times and you regularly see trivial updates from the acquaintances which make you miss out the crucial posts from your friends. So, to avoid such issue, Facebook has launched a News Feed Preferences feature that helps the users to prioritize what they want to see in their News Feed. With this new feature users can:

Creating Private Scrapbook of Kid’s Photos

If you are on Facebook, then probably you have noticed the photos of kids that are posted by their proud parents. But, at the same time parents also want to safeguard their kid’s online personality and ensure that every photo is organized and in once place so that they can have full control over it. So, the New Scrapbook feature of Facebook is the best way to manage the kid’s pictures. This feature allows the parents to set a digital scrapbook of their kid’s photos by going to About>>Family and Relationships>>Create a Scrapbook.

This feature can only be handled by two parents and they can only tag the child photo with each other. You simply need to select a tag and photos with the help of which you want to create the scrapbook and add it to the scrapbook. The users can also customize the privacy settings of each photo and they will receive notification if any image is set for public by anyone of the partner.

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